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By Tyler Speer 17 Aug, 2017

Tyler Speer spent all day Wednesday going over the car he'll be driving in the Herr's Potato Chips 100 Sunday afternoon at the Illinois State Fairground mile dirt in Springfield. The Woodstock, Georgia champion boat racer hasn’t driven an ARCA car in nearly a year. Good thing it's just "like riding a bicycle."

"It'd be better if we ran more but once we get into practice, it's just like riding a bicycle," said Speer. "It's been almost a year…I'm looking forward to it."

Speer spent all day Wednesday at Andy Hillenburg's Fast Track racing shop in North Carolina investigating the composite car he'll be wheeling at both Springfield and DuQuoin.

"We just went over the set-up…did our normal nut and bolt check...making sure everything's ready."

By Tyler Speer 15 Apr, 2017

Living up to their class moniker, Pro Outlaw came down to a duel between Speer's aptly-named "Georgia Outlaw" and Rick Blethroade's "Wild Thing," with Speer screaming away, unopposed, to a 6.404 at 123.66 mph to win the race.

"It was an awesome day," Speer said. "I couldn’t be happier with everybody who helped out: Lucas Oil Racing TV, Hedman Husler Hedders and Georgia Outlaw. You know, we bumped up a class so we have no notes to go off of. I know we got a little bit of luck this weekend.

 "We need to do a little bit better on the tune up. Dad did an awesome job tuning this weekend though, getting us right, so I can’t thank him enough. Mom, Dad everybody. This is what we need to be doing, making it to the finals and winning races. We'll just take one at a time."

Speer, the top qualifier, beat Phoenix winner Cole Allen, sport kingpin Tommy Thompson, and got a bye run to the final against Blethroade. His quickest run came against Thompson when he blistered the course with a 5.527 at 160.93 mph.

By: Rob Geiger

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PARKER, Arizona (Apr. 15, 2017)

By Tyler Speer 01 Mar, 2017

In the auto-racing universe, there’s a stock car series known as ARCA, formally known as the Automobile Racing Club of America. Naturally, this professional league has its own website, its own speed heroes and, inevitably, its own articles about the sport and its racers. A few years ago, ARCA published a feature story about its rising star, Tyler Speer. After rattling off some of his accomplishments, the story asked: “Did you know that when Speer isn’t in pursuit of his stock-car career, he’s often at the helm of a wicked-fast hydro racing boat in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series?”

Speedboat magazine might well ask the reverse question: Did you know that when Speer isn’t targeting the Lucas Oil World Championship trophy, he’s also racing on dirt and asphalt—sometimes during the same season?

It’s true. Speer has been pulling double-duty on the track and on the water, and his hard work has paid off in spades—especially on the liquid quarter mile.

The son of dragboat racer Tim Speer (founder of the Woodstock, GA-based service center ProBoat), Tyler began racing go-karts at the age of 12. He moved into the Allison Legacy Series when he turned 15, where he won one event and finished fourth in the championship points during the 2009 season. He launched his ARCA career in 2010 and has competed all over the country, including events like the Super Chevy Store 100 in Springfield, IL, the Talladega Aarons Dream Weekend in Lincoln,  AL, and the Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

Embarking on his amphibious racing career, Speer rapidly adapted to the change of scenery, qualifying first in his debut race and winning races shortly thereafter. By season’s end, Speer and his Amphibious Motorsports team had earned a seventh-place finish in their first full Lucas Oil Drag Boats season. Speer spent 2015 honing and perfecting his boat-racing skills, then returned last year with eagerness and enthusiasm, juggling both auto and boat races—sometimes having to really hustle to make it to back-to-back events. His 2016 Lucas Oil season astonished many when he entered the World Finals in Phoenix with a narrow points lead—and then went on to finish the event as World Champion. Pro Modified class is arguably the toughest class in drag boat racing, and the 2016 finals participants included three racers with a World Championship on the line. Speer and his #410 Climax boat maintained a tight lead over Kevin Helm in Tommy Thompson’s Fist Full of Dollars and Jimmy Booher’s Hillbilly Express . Despite encountering several mechanical gremlins and speed bumps during the qualifying runs, Speer tackled every problem head on to capture the title when both Booher and Helm went out in earlier rounds.

Following his win, Speedboat caught up with Speer in the Lucas Oil booth as he signed autographs during the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show in Indianapolis last December. (His Top Fuel boat Shockwave was the main attraction in the Hedman Husler Hedders booth.) We asked him about his multifaceted racing career and his plans for the future.

By Tyler Speer 19 Feb, 2017
The Hedman Hedders booth at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show featured the Hedman-sponsored “Shockwave” Top Fuel Hydroplane drag boat driven by Tyler Speer who celebrated his 26th birthday just prior to Christmas.

Speer took an interesting career path; after a childhood racing motocross and go-karts, he graduated to late models then began racing an ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) stock car on the dirt one mile tracks as a 20 year old in 2010.  To date Tyler has run 11 dirt races with his best finishes in 2016 of seventh at both DuQuoin and Springfield which matched his career best from the 2012 season.

In previous years, the stock cars driven by the young man from Woodstock Georgia carried primary sponsorship from his father Tim’s ProBoat Inc. boat service shop, but this past year Speer drove a Chevrolet owned by Andy Hillenburg that carried sponsorship from the Lucas Oil Drag boat racing series.

In 2015, Tyler stepped into drag boat racing at the controls of the Amphibious Motorsports “Climax” Pro Modified boat. A “Pro Mod” powered by 500-cubic inch ‘hemi’ style engine on methanol in a hydro style hull with the single 11-inch diameter propeller driven through a v-drive. “Pro Mod” places a premium on driver ability as the goal is to race down the “liquid quarter mile” to the finish ahead of your competitor in 7 seconds without going under that barrier.
By Tyler Speer 27 Dec, 2016
In just his second season in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series, Woodstock native Tyler Speer made a climb to the top with a Pro Modified Division world championship.

After finishing his debut season in seventh, Speer finished the nine-race 2016 season with 3,186 points, 198 clear of the field. Even after the results became official, it took a while for his accomplishment to set in.

“It took a little bit to sink all the way in,” said Speer, who turned 26 last week. “We knew what we needed to happen in our last race to clinch it, and it happened. I was pretty pumped inside the boat. I just couldn’t wait to get down to the other end. It was neat. It took all day to set it, but once it did, it was really cool to see what we did in just our second year.”

A strong finish to his rookie campaign left Speer feeling confident heading into the 2016 season. He was ready to apply the lessons he learned, but things did not start off well.

Speer was eliminated in the first round of each of his first two races. It was not the way he imagined starting the season, but he dug himself out of his early hole with a win, two trips to the finals and four semifinal appearances to work his way back into the championship hunt.

“We started off kind of rocky,” Speer said. “After that, things started falling our way, though. One thing led to another. We won a race. Then, we just kept making the rounds. It all started falling together pretty quick.”

As Speer continued to find his rhythm, he also found himself at the top of the points standings with two races to go.

Having just taken the points lead, Speer set his sights on defending that advantage through the final races last month in Arizona.

“We did so much maintenance before we went out west for the last two races,” Speer said. “We did tons of maintenance we normally would not have done, but we were in the points lead and wanted to make sure we kept it.”

The prep work may have been a new career-high for Speer, but so was the work he had to do at the course as a broken valve screen, a malfunctioning starter and failing oil pump gave Speer and his team last-minute obstacles on the final day of the season.

They were issues that could have cost Speer the championship last season. Instead, he used his experience to improve on the mechanical side of things.

“Last year, we learned maintenance is the most important thing,” Speer said. “These engines make so much power, they break easily. There are so many parts and pieces you have to stay on top of. Last year was a big learning curve for us figuring out which parts would last and how often we needed to change them.”

Though Speer may still be learning the ropes, he is not alone.

Working with his father, Tim, and family friends Justin Roach and Brian Ousley on his boats and ARCA Series race car, Speer still considers Amphibious Motorsports a family operation.

Speer’s girlfriend, Joslynn Wilde, also helps on social media and help run his website — — and Speer said reveling in his championship with family and friends was one of the best parts.

“It’s a family operation, but we went out there this year and beat a bunch of guys who are legitimate, full-time racers with pretty big back ends,” Speer said. “It was pretty neat to do that with the group we have on board here, and I can’t wait to see what do next year.”

Speer said he saw his following grow later in the season, thanks in a part to a pair of races he ran in the Top Fuel Hydro division, the sport’s top division.

Speer said he plans to run a few more races in that series next year, but he said the future is wide-open.

“We’re not 100-percent on what we want to do,” he said. “We may end up running Pro Modified again or Pro Outlaw, which is just a little quicker and 1,000 feet instead of a quarter-mile. We’re finishing it up and getting both boats geared up for next year. We’re still just kind of figuring everything out and enjoying the offseason right now.”

By: Alex Resnak
Article Source: Cherokee Tribune & Ledger-News
By Tyler Speer 16 Nov, 2016
Tyler Speer entered the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series World Finals in Phoenix, Arizona with a slim points lead, but ultimately emerged as World Champion in just his second tour with the series. Powered by VP Racing Fuels’ M1 Methanol, Speer battled multiple gremlins and bad luck during four rounds of qualifying before figuring out his tune for the eliminations and clinching the Pro Modified class title in the second round on Sunday at Wild Horse Motorsports Park.

“What a feeling…we’re still taking it all in. This is only our second year…this is so huge,” Speer said. “It was a tough weekend dealing with everything but one thing we didn’t have to worry about was fuel. We can always count on VP’s M1 Methanol to be pure, free of contaminants and consistent, which is critical to racing in the Pro Mod class. I’ve used VP fuels since my youngest days in karting and our experience is that octane for octane, VP fuels make more power and are the most consistent. They’re an essential part of our program.”

By Tyler Speer 07 Nov, 2016

Tyler Speer had four rounds to figure out his "tune". After a rough way to go over a weekend that kept his team on edge till the very end, Speer finally figured it out. A day after the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series World Finals in Phoenix, Arizona, the Woodstock, Georgia driver/pilot is singing the happy tune of world champion.

"We had a rough weekend, but we sewed it up," Speer said driving home cross-country Monday morning.

"Up until we actually clinched it, it wasn't looking bright in our direction."

It's looking a lot brighter now, however, as Speer woke up Monday morning as the 2016 Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series World Champion in the Pro Modified class, having clinched the title late Sunday at Wild Horse Motorsports Park.

Speer experienced a dramatic four rounds of qualifying Friday and Saturday, made even more tense by the series of events that would haunt him till the very end. Keep in mind, in the professional Drag Boat world, there is no such thing as practice.

"You get two rounds of qualifying Friday, and two rounds Saturday...then you race on Sunday. You've got four laps...four passes to figure out your tune."

That means you had better have your act together when you line up for your qualifying rounds.

By Tyler Speer 02 Nov, 2016

ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards racer Tyler Speer is prepared to put it all on the line this weekend. Or, better put, put it all on the water...the warm water at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Phoenix, Arizona in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat World Finals. 

Speer, who has a commanding lead in the Pro Mod class, can secure the 2016 championship this Sunday, November 6. Speer first took over the championship points lead on the same day of the ARCA race on the DuQuoin Mile Dirt where he finished seventh on the lead lap.

"We had to race that exact same day in the boat races in Wheatland, Missouri," said Speer. "We ended up renting a little puddle-jumper plane to get to DuQuoin."

Speer's tardiness at DuQuoin did not affect his performance, as the Woodstock, Georgia driver steered the No. 10 Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series-Lucas Oil TV Chevrolet to seventh in the final running order. Speer had also finished, two weeks prior, seventh on the Springfield Mile Dirt. Both finishes tied his ARCA career-best.

"We qualified No. 1 in the Pro Mod deal (at Wheatland) and won the first round. We had motor issues in the second round which was better for the ARCA races. Even not going in the second round, we just made it to DuQuoin. Our first lap at DuQuoin was in qualifying.

By Tyler Speer 01 Sep, 2016
(SPRINGFIELD, I.L. – August 31, 2016) – 25 year-old Tyler Speer is pulling double duty this weekend, as he will compete in both the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series and the ARCA Racing Series. Speer will start off racing in Wheatland, Missouri for the drag boat racing event, before traveling to DuQuoin, Illinois for ARCA. The Georgia driver will be behind the wheel of No. 10 Chevrolet for Fast Track Racing in Sunday night's General Tire GRABBER 100. (08-31-16)

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By Tyler Speer 25 Aug, 2016
Hedman Husler sponsored racer Tyler Speer is making quite the name for himself in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series. He is currently second in points for the Pro Modified class but will also be racing full time in Top Fuel next season. Tyler has spent most of his life preparing for this moment and is excited to be able to compete alongside the best in the sport.

Tyler Speer was born on December 21, 1990 in Woodstock Georgia. The son of drag boat racer Tim Speer (founder of the Woodstock, GA-based service center ProBoat). From an early age Tyler always had a passion for racing. He began racing motocross at age 5 and that led him to racing go-karts at age 12. From there he moved into the Allison Legacy Series when he turned 15, where he won one event and finished fourth in the championship points during the 2009 season.
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